Next Time We’ll Have Woman President In Nigeria – Mrs Buhari

Hajia Aisha Buhari, wife the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), spoke about the power of Nigerian women.


The might-be First Lady of Nigeria also commented on the rumours surrounding her personality alleging that she is a foreigner.

According to Punch, Mrs Buhari dismissed the circulating information through Deborah Iliya, a chieftain of APC in Kaduna State, on January 23, Friday.

Iliya was quoted as saying during the event dedicated to the release of a book, “Wind of change: 72 leadership qualities of Buhari”:

“Let me use this opportunity to deliver a message because there may not be another opportunity to deliver it. We know what is going on in the country today. It has reached the stage that people are hunting for Buhari not to reach that day of election.

“They have also said that Aisha Buhari is not a Nigerian. Aisha said I should tell everyone that she is a Nigerian. Does it even matter if she is not a Nigerian? What has that got to do with what is happening in this country?”


Iliya also praised the young author of the book for being aware of Nigeria’s challenges and striving for positive change.

“Aisha said she is pleased because the author is a young man; this is an indication that our youths have always understood the problems of this country and they are really pulling us together to fight a common front and that is change.

“We need change in Nigeria. For the past six years, we have been suffering; I wish a woman has been President we wouldn’t have been in this mess. So women, she (Aisha) has asked that I should encourage you to come out and be part of nation building. We are powerful; we are strong and stronger than the men.

“Please support women and next time we will have a woman President in Nigeria.”

It should be recalled that end of last year the former military Head of State said that there was no office of the First Lady in the Nigerian constitution. Therefore, he concluded, there was no official role for the wife of the President.

Speaking Saturday in Abuja, during the inaugural meeting of the APC women’s presidential campaign initiative, Mrs Buhari explained her potential role in the administration:

“If the office of the first lady is constitutionally recognised, he will not tamper with it, but if it is not that’s okay.

“For me, I will perform my duties and role as the wife of the President of Nigeria traditionally.Wives of presidents have some traditional roles, like receiving guests, visiting orphanages, helping the less privileged people.

“They also lead in the fight for the right of women and malnourished children, infant mortality rate, kidnapping and girl-child trafficking.”


  1. i think these statements are contradictory. buhari says he will scrap d office of d first lady and d wife says she would use her position as wife of d president to “reach out” to women for nation building and recieve guests etc. d question is, what then d is office of d first lady for if not to reach out to women? and would u reach out at ur husband’s expence? wives of presidents are usually as busy as their husbands whether as houswives or first ladies and if dat becomes d case expensis must be incured under whose acc? how trustworthy is dat woman buhari wants to use as women leader besides his wife? buhari should stop making promises he cannot keep.