Photos Of Governor Fashola Dancing To ‘Dorobucci’ During Campaign Rally Today



Lagos governor Raji Fashola pictured dancing to Dorobucci during a campaign rally at Oworonshoki today

Source: LIB


  1. My fellow Nigerians with good intention for this country let us face the fact and not allow sentiment to ruin our senses. President Goodluck Jonathan has done well. Forget all the lies, propagandas, mudslinging and political chauvinism being peddled by the APC and their agents. Do you know that GEJ admin. is the most transparent admin as long as the history of this country is concern? Do you know that with the signing of the Freedom of Information bill(FOI) into law by GEJ,the yearly budget and all government spending are virtually in the public domain? And that is why we hear about this noise about food, aircraft etc. Have you ever ask yourself how much that had gone in time past with Nigerians knowing nothing about? Can even Buhari account for all he spent when he was in government? Can he account for his defense budget, security vote? That apart
    Let us look at the roads. I have traveled from PH to Lagos in the past and I know what the roads use to look like. I was able to visit Lagos during the yuletide period and I traveled en rout from Onitsha through the Benin /Ore road. I remember how we us to spend hours(at time we sleep over) on that road. The East/ West road in PH is now motorable. Now u can travel from Uniport to Lagos. Do U know how much that went down in the past on that road without meaningful achievement? I went to visit a friend at Woji(PH) and for the first time in my whole life I was able to see a ‘life train’, ‘moving train!’ The are real not hearsay. Was Buhari able to construct one rail track when he was there?
    Again,Do U know how much that has gone down in fighting this boko haram insurgency(which Buhari and some mischievous northern elders fueled) since inception? Suppose that same amount was channeled into the development of our infrastructure, do u know how far Nigeria would have gone? That apart.
    Apart from killing, arresting, and imprisoning people, what can Buhari really boast of that he did during his reign in governance? Apart from now that he is seek for an elect did he condemn these people that have drained the blood out of the life of our brothers and sister? No! Rather he was defending them.
    Please let us look at this issue more critically, if this man, buhari really love this country as he want us to assume, what has he done in the past to help in bringing to and end to this senseless killing? Is he waiting to get to government before he will do anything to that? If that is the case, it then means that he is banking on this killing into to achieve his selfish ambition. Which also means he has no vision for this country, his vision is just the taste for power. I read over the news few days ago that he plan to create 720000 jobs in one year and I laughed. The questions that came to my mind was it is not about giving us figures, how does he intend to achieve this? and I was shock I could not find any plan from all he said. When he was in power was he able to create quarter the number of that kind of jobs? Was buhari able to build schools? Today, despite this insurgency, GEJ has been able to build over100 Amajiri schools for the north and unity schools in the south, 12 Federal Universities(with nine in the north and three in south)
    When the renegade PDP members were defecting to APC buhari told Nigerians that when elected he ll not probe the past government as he ll b busy providing for the needs of Nigerians. Now that he has these people fully in his grip, he went on to contradict himself by saying in PH “when elected, all corrupt leaders will be jailed in Kirikiri prison.” Which indirectly means that his perceive corrupt leaders are those in PDP and this also mean that Buhari is seeking power in order to punish his perceived enemies and that if Buhari take over power from GEJ(God forbid) he ll spend his four years in government chasing perceive enemies with no meaningful achievement for our country. I believe that Nigerians are not daft to mortgage their Life in the Deep Blue Sea. PLEASE I WRITE FOR THE LITERATE MINDS

    ~Charles Ifeco~

  2. We need a Change.GEJ is a good man,but Nigeria need a more courageous leader which GMB represents.GEJ would have done twice better what he has done so far for Nigeria if those corrupt leaders that he surrounded himself with were put in their proper places – out of circulation! GMB is known to be a no-nonsense leader,uncompromising in nature and focused.Those that do not want him to rule are the corrupt ones that are afraid of probes.GMB said he would deal with corruption,so if you are not corrupt you have nothing to fear.I am not a politician but I wish he wins the election.