Photos: People In Buhari’s Village Wash Their Roads Following President Jonathan’s Visit

According to the instagram user who shared this collage of pictures, this is Daura, the hometown of Buhari in Katsina. Apparently, Jonathan went there to campaign for re-election and the people there hilariously began to wash their village roads after he left. Lol


  1. Greg r you d prophet? when and where God gave this message? if talking will take u 2 hell then blow whistle.
    Don’t combined false statement with God.
    Let Gej handwork fight for him. after all he start to accept that he has done wrong during his last six yrs

  2. What illiterate boy u are @Mr domjay, you called the respected people of Daura with the name ANIMALS??? Am not from katsina,kano or even kaduna but why is it that must of you in the sought have no respect to us in the North???…this is morethan politics bro. And I think 1 day u wil call ur father a monkey!