Photos: The Man Trekking From Lagos To Abuja Arrives The FCT

Suleiman Hashimu aka ‘The traveler” who promised to trek from Lagos to Abuja if Gen. Buhari wins the 2015 Presidential election, arrived Abuja this evening after trekking for many weeks. Pictured above is Suleiman wearing the red shirt and carrying a strap bag. He was given a rousing welcome by Abuja residents.

See more photos below…


  1. I’m ibrahim boy 4rm sabo ibadan…I know sulaiman..very well..he’s my best together in sabo mokola ibadan…

  2. Wot u pple dnt know about dis guy is dat, he has make a great record in life which has never made by any group or individual’s in life.

  3. It was a promise kept and fulfilled by Sulaiman. It’s a way of appreciation to his Almighty God for bringing the desired CHANGE he hopes for. A great determination indeed. Well done Sulaiman, you will continue to achieve more of your hopes and aspiration in life, Amin

  4. Good I heard he has been 10 million naira by atiku and 3 car, he’s staying in nicon.. God bless him & buhari & all Nigerian


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