Comedian Bovi Also Have A Message For Trekkers

Lol. Hilarious!


  1. They really need help. How can a human begin be behaving strange and still some people feel its normal? Many have took of on their trekking advanture, no news from them except the one trekking from God know where to Bayelsa.
    Nigerian youth, what way forward

  2. Don’t mind them,if na white men them go say na Guiness book of record bcos na black no value attached to it. Am proud of them. what is different in mountainery, trekking and dancing for 4days? They are all exercises and adventures.

  3. Broke ass guys keep trekking to go and meet president and drop thier priblem for him…must you all broke trekkers keep doing it for mr president..non of you trekkers have done it for motherless babies rather u do it for president hoping for favour in return…plz beware of criminals on the way…i can see that curroption have come into trekking too, nija no dey carry last…

  4. bovi, ur papa well, well….
    I no say, I still remain ur best fan but this u just said annoyed me.
    u are saying this bcos ur brother from South south GEJ did not win the General election..
    jealousy go kill u.
    if to say na him emerged by now ur mouth for not allow us rest. ur own would have worst that those that are trekking.