Buhari’s May Day Message To Nigerian Workers

Muhammadu Buhari, the president-elect, in his May Day message expressed admiration to the Nigerian working class that sacrificed a lot in the face of tough economic times.

Muhammadu Buhari

The APC politician said he was fully aware of the workers’ hardships substantially compounded by poor governance and corruption, Nigerian Times reports.

He lamented over the state of the working class in the country, rich in oil sources, saying that a few corrupt officials were making fortune at the expense of people.

Buhari also said it was unfair that honest labour had been relegated to the background. He added that replacing honesty by quick wealth gain would never bring progress and prosperity to the nation.

Having the stated the problems and challenges, the president-elect reiterated the incoming government’s commitment to boosting the morale of the Nigerian workers to increase people’s productivity and their income.

He urged the Nigerian workers to cooperate with the new administration in the fight against corruption which he called the greatest enemy of achievements.

In another development Plateau workers gave the state government an ultimatum to meet the full implementation of all their demands or brace up for an indefinite strike.

At the same time in Lagos the May Day atmosphere was festive as hundreds of workers gathered at the Onikan stadium in Lagos Island to celebrate the international day.


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