5 Things To Keep In Mind On Your First Date


Here are five sings you need to keep in mind when you go on your first date:

1. Pay Attention To Your Date

The most important aspect of a date, in addition to having a good time, is to get to know each other better.

No matter how excited, turned on or thrilled you are about this person, listening to what your date says, watching what your date does and understanding how your date feels are still your primary objectives.

2. Your Business Is What You Think Of Your Date

One of the easiest ways to lose your objectivity and balance is to worry about what your date thinks about you. If you spend your time essentially trying to look at yourself through your date’s eyes, you’ll miss what’s really happening.

Pay attention so you know what YOU think of your date.

3. Look For Integrity

Make sure your date walks his or her talk. Anyone can talk big. Actually, some of the best people DON’T present themselves well.

So don’t overlook someone who’s not gorgeous and charming BUT has all the qualities you really need in a partner.

5. Know The Signs Of Emotional Blackmail

A Demand: Your date won’t take “no” for an answer, and requests are really demands.
Resistance: When every discussion turns into an argument.
Pressure: Your date pressures you to go along.
Threats: Your date uses threatening or coercing tactics — threatening to end the relationship, tears, rage, badgering.
Hopefully, because you’ve thought about the serious issues in advance, you’ll still be able to relax, have a good time and maybe even decide to keep dating each other.

Then you’ll need a whole NEW set of skills.