Read Why A Military Officer Told A Man To Frogjump On The Road [PHOTOS]

This military officer was filmed by a motorist punishing this driver in this manner at CMS, Lagos because he supposedly scratched his car. Na wa! More photos below…..


  1. It’s just not fair. But anyway datz d power of militry in this country. But we really need 2 stop dis kinda habit as militry men. I want my fellow brothers 2 pls remember wat u do 2 people sum1 else will do it 2 ur own person.

  2. This is totally un-acceptable! Who the hell does the soldier take himself? If the man scratch his car,then,its a civil matter. Because you’re in khaki uniform does not give you the right to be above law. This is a democratic dispensation, not a militrocracy.

  3. The military should investigate the army officer whether if has any insurance , is an accident all they need to do is to get both party insurance involve and take it from there, you’re a military man not slave master slavery time is over it’s now democracy not democrazy please do the right thing with our citizen and if you want to exercise your power look for the Boko Haram militant and try to give them frog jump and see how you powerful sir Mr soldier or what’s your name.