TRUE LOVE!!! Lady Weds Her Fiance On Hospital Bed After He Lost His Leg

This is an exceptional gesture. We live in times where some ladies find it difficult to marry a man who has not bought a car, rented a 3-bedroom flat, furnish it to taste, and have enough millions in his account.
In fact, some parents even encourage their daughters not to marry an average guy for some selfish reasons; they are forgetting that most of the men they see in top positions today were married to their wives as average young men who worked hard and eventually achieve what they have today.
So, you can’t help but celebrate this beautiful lady who went ahead to marry her man after he lost a leg, she knows his leg can’t grow in future. When you have right priorities, your life will be beautiful.Against all odds a young man, who ago involved in a road accident two weeks ago and lost one leg, wedded his fiancée while on his hospital bed at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.
Suzyo Muzuri 28 married Diniwe Bowa 27 on Sunday morning at a wedding service conducted by Bethel Christian Center’s Bishop Andrew Mwenda in Ward 11 at UTH. The couple exchanged marriage vows in the presence of families, close friends and patients not by design but circumstances.Mr Muzuri, an accountant at National Milling Company, wedded Ms Bowa at UTH because he was involved in an accident that resulted in him losing his right leg two weeks ago. Instead of
rescheduling the wedding, the couple went ahead and tied the knot as their families and friends witnessed the emotional ceremony, which brought the entire ward to a stand-still.

According to Tumfweko, the mother of the bride Loveness Bowa could not hide her happiness.

“This is an emotional time for the family because instead of the accident breaking the couple, it has remained strong and has refused to be defeated. I am very proud of my daughter and my son-in-law. Theirs is a love story that will stand the test of time,” Mrs Bowa said.She said instead of listening to gossips from people after the accident, her daughter remained committed to marrying her husband no matter his physical condition.
Bishop Andrew Mwenda said the marriage signified sacrifice, loyalty and commitment.“This wedding expresses genuine commitment to one another. My message to the couple is to remain committed even when it seems impossible. Sincere commitment is very important,” he said.


  1. That’s the real original love” for the real that you have for your husband upon his condition, may almighty ALLAH will bless you with the righteous,humble,responsible,happiness,lovely & ALMUBARAK children.AAAAÀAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN.ALLAH BLESS THEM WITH LOVELY HAPPY FAMILY.AMIN.