I Can Play For G@ys – Dj Jimmy Jatt

Dj Jimmy Jatt has told a Punch reporter he can actually play for gays if the pay is right. He said he has no right to question anyone’s s3xuality, but as long as they will be paying, he is game. He further went on to say the only time they will see his red eye, is when anyone wants to make a funny move at him. Loollllllllllll. What he said;

Honestly, I don’t mind playing in a g@y bar or performing in a show filled with g@ys. It is a free world, you know. Why should I bother about anybody’s s3xual preferences or relationships? It’s not my business to bother about what they do with their bodies in private or to themselves.


“For me, this is all about business. My job is to provide entertainment and to make people happy. I am neither g@y nor bis3xual. Everybody knows I am happily married with children. But, if by any means somebody comes to me with any funny intentions, that is when I will make them see the other side of me,” he says.