Revolutionising Nigerian Youths For Leadership Under The Mantra Change (2) By TersooTeeCube

NIGERIA road signIn this political dispensation, the Nigerian Youth must understand “power” has indeed “changed hands”. The power” in this context of discuss, now lies in the hands of patriotic, incorruptible, vibrant and politically conscious youths who make up the bulk of our population not the old ruling class.
The Nigerian youth must understand he has the power with his eligibility to vote and be voted for, and also the collective power to recall an erring or non performing elected official.
Therefore, he must be willing to exert it where need arises in alignment with democratic principles. He has proven it of recent that his conscience is not for sale, when he stood up for change; he demanded for credibility and accountability over corruption and crass incompetence. He voted for hope instead of despair.
The Nigerian youth was resilient and unwavering in his struggle to emancipate himself from the powers that held us subjugated under a government that had little semblance to what is expected from democracy.
We endured under the oppressive rule of past dictators under infamous military junta’s; we actively supported the enthronement of democratic rule when it was rebirthed 16 years ago. But how far have we progressed as youths other than we have continuously been relegated to the background in the affairs of governance. Have we forged a common front needed to actualize our long held dreams of becoming leaders of tomorrow?
That is a pertinent question every youth must be concerned with if indeed we are resolute to see our country become transformed as the land of our dreams full of opportunities and functional infrastructural facilities available to all.
We must be willing to re-orient ourselves about nation building and our definitive roles that cannot be disregarded. The Nigerian Youth must understand he has the power to shape his world; with his ingenious mind, his capabilities are limitless.
The Nigerian youth must know his potentials can be harnessed and put to maximum use in developing his fatherland instead of his daily quest to flee from the enormous woes of his fatherland thereby causing brain drain.
A Nigerian youth who knows that his voice cannot be silenced has the power to direct the affairs of governance instead of been a passive onlooker.
A Nigerian youth whose political awareness and ideologies are well refined and equipped knows that our public office holders are not demi gods but servants of the masses who are subject to our collective dictates as we deem fit to meet our yearnings and aspirations for a better society.
The era of complicit silence and passivity from our youths are far-gone, the reawakening has begun.
The feat, which our leaders in the 1960’s achieved when they assumed leadership roles in their youthfulness can today be recreated.
Another germane question that needs to be answered is not how prepared are, we but how united are we? It is quite unfortunate that we the youths have always been used as the torch bearers of divisive campaigns, religious crisis and political thuggery.
The ugly trend must be check-mated and reversed for our youths to become more productive in contributing their quota to national development.
The change we also clamoured for is not in any way intended to reverse us to the past order where our fathers have always had a say but we the youths today must awaken our minds to the realities of our time that the prevailing status quo must be dismantled for us to have our way.
We, the youths, must prepare ourselves for the challenges to come with our demands to take charge of our destiny. We must imbibe in us the requisite discipline that does not portray us as immature for leadership responsibilities. We must prove ourselves worthy of trust by speaking out loud against youth’s involvement in cultism, drugs abuse, advanced fee fraud and many other social vices.
The Nigerian Youth must be patriotic to place the love of his fatherland above ethnic, regional and religious bigotry.
The Nigerian youth must learn his history and mistakes of the past for that will help him avoid making same mistakes that keeps us moving under a vicious circle of poverty and prevailing youth’s redundancy.
The Nigerian youth must demonstrate his dogged spirit to hold our leaders to account for their stewardship in office instead of allowing his/herself to be used and dumped with peanuts.
Our present crop of leaders, owe us a moral duty to pass unto us the baton of leadership without recourse to violent agitations. The reign of the old order must gradually be phased out for emergence of the new and the time is already counting as we expect the norm of huge monetary inducements domineering our political landscape is neutralized; which in the long run will pave way for more youths participating in politics without seeking the help of godfathers to sponsor their bids.
A modest platform must be created and promoted under the existing political structures to give opportunities for competent and visionary youths, who are willing to serve their communities in leadership positions, but are deterred by the outrageous cost of involvement in politics which over the years has been deliberately hiked to accommodate and protect only the interest of the filthy rich who can afford the running cost of its demands from their questionable wealth.
The Nigerian Youth alone knows his challenges and he must be willing to make sacrifices in pursuit of his dreams, one major sacrifice starts with each and every one of us recognising we are one irrespective of our tribal or religious differences.
When all embrace unity with an understanding of our plight, together we can always fight for our rights.
The change we yearned for starts with us today let’s be the ambassadors of change, let’s not relent in our daily individual struggles for a better country of our dreams.
Let’s not forget we are heirs to the throne, the old order must pass away; a new dawn awaits us with better promises if we don’t lose focus. United we must remain in pursuit of our goals.
Viva La Revolucion!!!
© TersooTeeCube
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