7 Ways To Love A Sagittarius Woman

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Sag women don’t have time for your BS.

Sagittarius women are the free-thinking, independent badasses of the zodiac. You’re lucky to catch their attention. And if you do end up dating one, here’s how to love them.

1. Make sure she has plenty of alone time.

This woman is fiercely independent. She loves to do her own thing. She’s confident, adventurous and blunt. She doesn’t need you, and if she wants you around, be grateful. She likes to do fun things with you, but she loves her alone time to have adventures and clear her head. Maybe she wants a night with the ladies. Just let her be, and follow her lead.

2. Prove to her that you have a great sense of humor.

This woman loves and appreciates a sense of humor, especially if it’s a daring off-color one. Take a risk and make a joke that makes her pee herself. She’ll love you for it.

3. Don’t be anything other than yourself.

Sagittarius women can smell a disingenuous person. So please, don’t be fake. If she’s seeking out your company it means that she appreciates who you are and wants to see more of that person. The worst thing you can do is try to brown nose. They hate that, so don’t even go there. Just be yourself!

4. Be prepared to be a little weird.

Sag women love people who are off-beat, fun, and a little bit bizarre. Let your freak flag fly high. She loves that sh*t. It shows that you aren’t afraid to take risks.

5. Express yourself without being passive-aggressive.

Don’t be subtle with a Sag woman; they don’t have time for that. Be honest, blunt and straight-forward. They don’t appreciate passive-aggressiveness, but they do love someone who speaks their mind.

6. Have your own life separate from hers.

You know what’s sexy as hell to a Sag woman? Doing your own thing. Just like she likes to have a good time without you, she expects you to do the same. Don’t sweat her to the point of obsession. That’s not a good look, bro.

7. Show her your compassionate side.

Sag women love men with heart. Show compassion toward other human beings without expecting anything in return. This will impress her to no end.