7 Ways To Seduce Your Husband Like No Other

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When we are married, our daily routine becomes an enemy in our lives. If it isn’t nurtured properly, it will bring monotony into our lives. But wait, how do you seduce your spouse daily?

1. The daily smile, the everlasting receiving smile. When he comes home, smile at him and ask him about his day.

2. Always try to kiss him daily, kiss him passionately or “make-out” and make it an important part of your marriage.
Send loving text messages, emails, and so on. “I love you very much” “Have a great day.” Let your heart guide you on what to say.

3. Try to always have meals together. Make this something that is sacred in your life.

4. Don’t limit makeup or using perfume for certain days, like when you go out, or when you go to parties. Do this for him on any day, even if you are going to stay at home and just watch a movie together.

5. Walking around holding hands, hugging, and always maintaining physical contact is essential to all of this.

6. One thing that you cannot forget to do, or to keep off your list of “things to do to seduce your husband” is know how to (and doing it) make his favorite meal. Even if you don’t really know how to cook, these are times where it is OK to ask for guidance from a friend or family member.

7. To maintain this love, this seduction, it is required to make sacrifices and to actually try. But the woman is not solely responsible for this, the man is also responsible. Yet you, as the woman, can show him the way. I mean, who doesn’t like to be loved, pampered and taken care of?

Seduce or conquer requires action

The word “conquer” in the English language, is classified as a verb. Every verb is an action word. Therefore it is important to act on this and practice this as a part of your everyday life, especially in your marriage.

“A relationship is a seed to a garden; it needs to be taken care of daily.” – Renato Cardoso and Cristiane Cardoso – Casamento Blindado.

Seduction is nothing more than demonstrating your love and devotion to your partner. It’s very important that the both of you feel this with every gesture.

“Days that are the exact same are like a river that runs backwards, it doesn’t go anywhere.” – Sandy – Dias Iguais

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