Tom Cruis Planning Jamie Foxx Smear Campaign Because Of Katie?

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx became friends after starring in a movie together many years ago. After Tom’s marriage to Katie Holmes ended, Jamie Foxx was linked to her. For years now, there have been rumours that Jamie is secretly dating or even possibly married to Katie. Now insiders claim Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology are planning to make Jamie pay for going near Katie..

From The National Enquirer

A major Hollywood feud is rumbling and it could erupt in an earth-quaking flash! An enraged Tom Cruise is furious at Jamie Foxx after the Oscar-winning actor swept his ex-wife Katie Holmes off her feet and is now playing daddy to daughter Suri – even though Hollywood’s most famous Scientologist hasn’t seen her in more than two and a half years!

“While he was looking at a picture of Jamie wearing his wedding ring, Tom started pounding his fists on the the table. Then he pointed at Jamie’s picture and screamed, “I hate You!”

“Now Tom would love nothing more than to see Jamie exposed as a fraud and have humiliating secrets about him spilled.”

Jon Atack, a renowned Scientology expert, told The Enquirer the group will follow a harassment script written by L. Ron Hubbard called “Information Full Hat.” The operation will be carried out by the Office of Special Affairs and include overt and covert data collection on Jamie and create a website that will criticize or spread false rumors before attempting to turn everyone against him



Source: Linda Ikeji Blog