10 Types Of Bus Conductors You Will Encounter In Lagos

Lagos is a busy city where everyone is determined to make ends meet. What goes through your mind when you encounter different bus conductors? INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby brings to you the different bus conductors you meet on the streets of Lagos.

1. The gossip: The conductor who never minds his own business: he always interrupt when passengers are discussing.

2. The controller: The bus conductor who is always controlling the driver. From all indications, he might be the owner of the bus, but just want to be in control of the money being made

3. The cool, calm and collected. These species are hard to find, but they still exist. A thorough look suggest that they are drop outs who need to make money.

4. The grammarian: he speaks terrible english language to impress his passengers. No dulling, no be only you go school, abeg!

5. The politician: he always argues about why the new president should win the elections and tell us how much more he made during the previous administration

6. The toasters: Fine babes never passs them by, without them saying hi… they believe all women want is money.

7. The smart one: if you are not smart, he could outsmart you, you would be made to forget your balance with him.

8. The curser: he abuses and curses any driver that wont allow the bus to maneuver.

9. The learner: he is sure new to this job. He isnt familiar with the bus stops. The ‘agberos’ use him to catch trips

10. The friendly: he knows how to salute police men and other law enforcement agencies, so as not to be apprehended.

INFORMATION NIGERIA readers, did we miss anything? Tellus in the comment session.


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