6 Ways A Woman Makes Her Husband Feel WORTHLESS


In today’s world, there is frequent discussion about men abusing or belittling their wives. Quite frankly, this topic should be talked about often because this sick kind of behavior is still happening.

However, we hardly consider when the tables are turned? What about when it’s the wife who is cutting down her husband? It’s not like this never happens, because it definitely does-yet for some reason society rarely ever talks about it.

This article is not to shame women. Its purpose is to help bring to light some destructive habits that even the best wives sometimes do that leave their man feeling worthless.

1. Resisting or not initiating casual affection

Your husband loves you. And believe it or not, he wants to show he’s physically attracted to you in ways other than just sex. A kiss on the forehead, holding your hand, rubbing your back, or giving you a hug are some examples of these smaller acts of affection. But your husband feels worthless and used whenever you ignore, appear uninterested in or never initiate those more casual acts of intimacy. Sure, most men like to lead out in a relationship, but this doesn’t mean they want to dominate it. It destroys their confidence when they’re the one initiating every romantic gesture, while their partner puts in little or no effort.

2. Looking at your phone during a conversation

Looking at your phone during a conversation with your husband is a figurative slap in the face. It sends the nonverbal message to him that you don’t care enough about what he is saying to give him your full attention. It is problem is becoming more and more common in our device-obsessed society. No text, video, game or other digital distraction is worth making the most important person in your life feel like a worthless sideshow.

3. Flirting with other men

Like everything on this list, this concept applies to both men and women. Fidelity in marriage is much more than only being intimate with your spouse.

It also includes not flirting with others or doing anything that would show interest in a man other than your husband. This is especially important to remember when it comes to texting and social media. You might see being playful or friendly with other men as an innocent gesture-or not even realize that you’re doing it. However, your husband will notice it and it will make him feel absolutely worthless.

4. Spending the majority of your time with your girlfriends

Spending the majority of your time with your girlfriends is fine when you’re single; it is not OK when you’re married. The reason your husband asked you to marry him is because he wants to be with you as much as possible. This doesn’t mean the two of you can’t have your own friends or occasionally spend time with anyone else. But when you’re doing everything with your friends, it makes your husband feel worthless. It causes him to think that he’s not worth your time or that you’re trying to find an escape from spending time with him.

5. Making big decisions without talking about him

Marriage is two people coming together in love and living a unified life. Without this key aspect of unity, a marriage can’t be successful and it becomes nothing more than just two people living together. Making big decisions without discussing them with your husband causes him to feel like you don’t value his opinion. It can also result in a loss of trust in your relationship.

Take the time to evaluate and talk about important choices together. Avoid assuming you already know what your husband would choose when it comes to making major decisions.

6. Acting entitled or ungrateful

Every good husband wants to make his wife happy and provide her with nice things. Of course he isn’t always able to do this due to various circumstances, but he tries his best. Men feel worthless when their wife is ungrateful or acts entitled. What’s the point of working and trying his best if the person he’s doing it all for doesn’t appreciate it?

Show you are grateful for all that your husband does. Don’t let entitlement creep in and drive a wedge into your marriage. Always stay humble and hopeful for what the future has to bring. Your husband will go from feeling worthless to feeling like a million bucks as you avoid these hurtful habits. It takes some conscious effort to do this, but over time your marriage will strengthen until it develops into a priceless relationship.