If You Answer ‘NO’ To These 3 Questions, Your Relationship Is A Sham

To protect yourself from the greatest forgery in the world: false love, ponder these three questions to be sure the love you’re invested in is REAL, not fake: if you answer no to 3 of them, your relationship needs a rethink

1. Is your partner 100 percent on your side?

Your partner may not condone all your behavior or your choices (if you’re getting high every day, spending your weekends playing computer games, or spending all your money on shoes) but they should be on your side even though they might want more from you.

The best way to gauge this is by how they treat you with respect to the expectations of others. As an example, if their parents or friends criticize you, does your partner stand up for you? They should.

2. Do you FEEL your partner’s support when things are challenging?
At work or at home, with colleagues or with the children, do you feel relief from stress in your partner’s presence? Or does their energy, reactions, or expectations feel like another pressure?

3. Can you talk to your partner about anything, or are some topics off limits?

Certainly some topics are easier to talk about than others. It’s easier to talk about your upcoming vacation than it is to talk about how you’re going to deal with the conflicts in your relationship, but open communication about all topics is still necessary.

The good news is … REAL love allows you the room to talk about any of it.

If your love doesn’t pass the Fake test, you may be still be able to save it. You may be able to get rid of the trash in your relationship. Have a conversation and be up front.


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