If Your Husband Does These 11 Things While Giving You Oral, He’s NOT Into It


If you are yet to tie the knot, this piece is not for you. But if you are married, read on because sex is a healthy part of marriage.
Women, if you notice any of these signs, he’s really not into giving you orals as much as you’d hope.

1. He sighs loudly while he’s heading down there.

OK, this is actually a pretty obnoxious way of showing your displeasure. If he’s that annoyed with the idea of pleasing you via oral sex, you might want to find a guy who’s into giving you pleasure instead of this jerk.

2. He tells you he doesn’t want to do it.

No means no, so don’t try to argue the point.

3. You catch him making a face when he’s going down.

Yeah, that’s never a good sign. Ever.

4. He’s told you he finds it gross.

Unfortunately, this is often a sign that he just will refuse to do it. That being said, if he finds it gross but will still do it, he may end up resenting you for it.

5. He avoids actually sticking his tongue in you.

Is he only licking the outer parts of your labia? Does he make no move near your clit, no matter how many times you try to guide him? He might not really be into it.

6. You keep hearing him tell you that most men don’t like giving oral.

He’s basically trying to find an “out” from having to do it if he’s telling you this. In other words, it’s not that he’s not into giving YOU oral, he just hates eating p*ssy in general.

7. He looks bored.

Boredom isn’t something that should ever happen in the bedroom. If he looks bored, he’s definitely not into giving oral.

8. When he’s going down on you, it’s literally under a minute of action.

If he was actually into it, he’d be spending a bit more time down there.

9. He asks you to take a bath beforehand and washes his mouth out with mouthwash as soon as he’s done.

This is a classic sign of a man who gets squicked out by girl juices. If he’s that uncomfortable around p*ssy juice and body fluids, there’s no way he’s really into what he’s doing.

10. He goes from hard to soft.

Though this isn’t always the case, it’s often a symptom of a guy who isn’t turned on by what he’s doing to a woman. Believe it or not, some men get so into oral that they can orgasm without even having any sort of stimulation done to them. If he’s going soft, it might be one of those sex acts that really doesn’t turn him on.

11. You legit get the feeling that he’s doing this out of duty rather than interest.

Sometimes, it’s just a feeling that you get from a guy. When you get that vibe, it’s often best to trust your gut or talk it out.

If you are familiar with these signs, dont fight your husband, its advisable you both talk about it and work things out.



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