Be Prepared

A few weeks ago, I was beaten by rain. It was a torrential downpour that was worsened because the wicked danfo driver dropped us in the middle of a puddle and ordered everyone out of his bus. I was so angry that I prayed that his engine will knock, God forgive me! I got drenched. Did I also add that I made three attempts to get a shade in the places close to the bus-stop but the wind that accompanied the rain made me look like I was playing ten-ten under the rain? It was not a joke.
be prepared

It was not entirely the danfo driver’s fault that I got beaten by the rain. I contributed to it because I had no umbrella. Before I left home that morning, the clouds were dull and light showers had taken place. I erroneously assumed that only light showers would fall throughout the day. I was wrong. Rain beat me shege and madam like me who should know better got drenched. Me sef, I tire. I saw the clouds. I felt the light showers and yet, I walked out of my house without my protection; an umbrella. No one is to blame for my misfortune but me.
So many people leave their sexual security exposed. They are adults.

They are in a sexually active relationship and they don’t use any contraceptive protection. When they get pregnant, they ask, ‘how did that happen? Ask me again. What were you thinking engaging in unprotected sex and not using an emergency contraceptive pill like Postpill. Yeye person. See your life? Don’t be like me who left the house on a rain- threatening day and got drenched. When you see the clouds looming as if to fight you, know that it is possible that it may rain cats and dogs. That knowledge should motivate you to get your umbrella protection.
When you engage in a sexual activity and immediately discover that you did not use any contraceptive prior to the act, my dear, run to your pharmacy and get Postpill fiam! Just one tablet of Postpill within 120 hours of unprotected sex and you can relax that you will not get pregnant. Postpill is very effective if used sooner and because it is only one dose, it is more effective and easier to take and remember. Postpill is available in the markets and drugstores at an affordable price; most times even as low as N150.00.