Mourinho Accuses Conte Of Humiliating Him

What began as a warm welcome for Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge ended in humiliation as he suffered his biggest league defeat in his career.

Mourinho and Conte

Manchester United looked out of sorts as Pedro, Cahill, Eden Hazard, and Kante helped Chelsea to a comprehensive victory. Chelsea boss Antonio Conte got into a heated exchange with Mourinho on the touchline after Conte beckoned to supporters to egg the team on.

News reports say Mourinho told his opposite number; You don’t celebrate like that at 4-0, you can do it at 1-0, otherwise it’s humiliating for us.’

Conte appeared to address the issue in his post-match conference; ‘I was a player. I know what the feeling is like (to score). I only told the fans to applaud the team because the team deserved it,’ said Conte.

There has always been respect for all, and naturally for Manchester United. Nothing happened. I did something absolutely normal. I didn’t do anything to humiliate Mourinho.

‘I think that today, it was right to call our fans. In that moment I was listening only to the supporters of Manchester United at 4-0. So I called the fans to give the players a great clap after this kind of performance.

‘The players, after a 4-0 win, deserved a great clap. It’s very normal. We live with emotions. If you want to cut the emotions, we can stay at home and I will change jobs.’