6 Steps to Attract a New Relationship in 2017

You wrote it down on your New Year’s Resolution, decreed and declared it, and created a vision board for it. But it’s the end of the year, and you still didn’t attract that new relationship.

You don’t have to give up on your dreams for a healthy, happy relationship. You need to combine your faith with an easy-to-follow plan. Here are 7 easy-to-follow steps to attract a new relationship this year.

Step 1: Heal Your Heart So You Can Start Over

You don’t need a new year to attract the love of your life. You need a new mindset.  And it begins by resolving the emotional history you’ve developed through other relationships, otherwise you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Step 2: Date, Date, Date

Now that you’ve gotten your hopes up, it’s time to get back out there and date! I know it seems obvious that you’d have to go out on a date if you want a mate, You’re gonna have to start dating, though, if you want to meet someone.   Because the last I checked, no man is going to knock on your door and announce “Hi, I’m your husband!”

Step 3: Spend 30 Minutes Per Day On Your Love Life

You’ll want to make your love life a priority if you want a mate. This means you’ll have to make time to meet the right person versus waiting until you meet someone you think is worth your time. To do this, I recommend you spend 30 minutes every day focused on meeting new people. The slow way to do this is to try to guess where all the good men hang out and go there to meet them.

Step 4: Focus On Second Impressions

You might still be single because you keep putting potential partners in the friend zone simply because you didn’t feel fireworks-level chemistry on the first date. First impressions are overrated because many people get nervous when they first meet you. You may also have some deeply held preconceived notions about how it’s supposed to feel when you meet your future partner. Be willing to let go of those beliefs, especially if they’ve only led you into dead-end relationships. Focus instead on how this person treats you on a second date and pay attention to how consistent he is in between dates!

Step 5: Don’t Get Attached Too Fast

Understand that the next person you meet probably won’t be your spouse, and that’s alright. You don’t want to rush a relationship anyway or you may ruin it. Or, you might invest into a man just because he said he could see himself getting married to you, but 6 months later, he disappears. You’ll spend another 12 months trying to get over it and find yourself right back at square one.

Step 6: Breakup With The Wrong Men Quickly (And Don’t Return To The Scene Of The Crime)

This year, I want you to commit to breaking up with someone who is clearly not a good fit for you quickly. Don’t second-guess yourself or make excuses for bad behavior, otherwise you’ll get stuck in toxic relationships way past the expiration date. If you adopt the new mindset of keeping your options open, you won’t be afraid to leave someone who isn’t treating you right, because you’ll have the confidence that there is a partner out there who would love to commit to you.


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