Crystal Palace fans accidentally vandalise own bus

In a case of mistaken identity, Crystal Palace football hooligans have defaced their own team bus, believing it belonged to Premier League rivals Middlesbrough.

The black bus was parked at a hotel nearby Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park stadium.

It was spray-painted in the red and blue team colours with the words “Crystal Palace FC” across the sides and rear just hours before Palace beat Middlesbrough 1-0 in a result to slightly ease their relegation fears.

The Crystal Palace team had to use a replacement bus to take them to their own ground for the match.

It was a costly mistake and one which police are investigating, a Crystal Palace spokesman confirmed.

“£40,000 worth of damage on our coach thinking it was the Boro coach. Nice one! #cpfc,” Crystal Palace’s assistant head groundsman, Dean Waters tweeted, before removing it from the public domain.

But others were tweeting out photos of the resulting damage.