Olisa Metu’s house invaded by Assassins in Abuja

Former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olisa Metuh has suspected to be attacked by assassins last night at his home at located at Prince and Princess Estate, Abuja. The armed men  fired several shots and forcefully gained entrance into the compound after destroying a section of its spiked security fence.

Reports has it that they tied up the security guards and a driver at the premises and attempted to gain access in the main building, but could not due to the security doors at the front and back entrances of the main house. When they could not gain access into the main building, they beat up the security guards and ordered them at gunpoint to call out Chief Metuh using their phones, but the guards insisted that he was not at home but had travelled to the east.

Out of frustration, the invaders broke into other buildings in the premises including Chief Metuh’s out-office where they went away some documents and electronic equipment. Their escape route trailed with blood as one of the armed men got injured in the course of their breaking through the spiked security fence. Already, a shocked Chief Metuh had made an official report to the police to unravel those behind the attack and intention manifested in the incidence. Chief Metuh’s guards and driver are already assisting the police in their investigation.

( Breaking Times)