Update: Woman sacked by husband for moaning while being raped by robbers

Recently, there was a viral report of a woman who was sacked by her husband for moaning while being raped by robbers, here’s an update.

According to TheNigerian, the 28-year-old woman has finally arrived her country home in Owukpa for spiritual cleansing.

The woman, whose name was given as Ejalo (surname withheld) arrived her husband’s Umufu home at Ugbugbu community in Owukpa, Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State for the exercise.

It was revealed that the woman had gone for HIV test in Lagos before leaving but the result showed negative. However, the doctor asked her to return in six months time for another test to ascertain she is free from any form of STD and pregnancy.

The insider said, the woman, who hailed from Ifikeri, in Itabono Owukpa is expected to spend sometimes in the village to perfect the spiritual cleansing.

“During this process, she is not expected to step into her father in-law’s compound nor shake hand with the oldest person in the family. She would be forced to go before Ekwu Anya in Ipole Ugbugbu with a three-day old chick and some kolanuts for prayers.

“From there, she would move to Aje’Owukpa in Ipole Owukpa where the cleansing would perfected by the chief priest,” the source added.

Asked if the husband is ready to take her back, the insider, who would not want his name mentioned said, the man had already sent the bride price to the go-before so he could return it to the wife’s family.

“The truth of the matter is that the man is not ready to accept the wife back. He had since sent the bride price to the Ogbobonya for a refund but some family elders are still trying to meditate to see how they could resolve the matter,” the source added.

Speaking on the development, the Ochoklobia of Ogbadibo, Johnson Agada said the man should accept the wife back after the spiritual cleansing since it was a case rape, the gods would look the other way.

“No, its not really her fault. It’s really painful. The man should allow her do alekwu and return home,” the source added.

When reached, the eldest man in Ugbugbu community, Mr. Ameh declined to comment on the issue.

“I am a Christian, so I don’t really have much to say about this. It would be better they settle it rather than involving the public,” the centenarian told THE NIGERIAN.