See how a Vigilante group killed a student of Benue State Polythenic

An undergraduate of Benue State Polythenic identified as Emmanuel Akola was accused of being a cultist and member of a notorious group terrorizing the community.

The 20 year old is also alleged to be a friend to the four suspected armed robbers recently killed in the area by the vigilante.

Akola, who also goes by the alias 2green, was in Otukpa with his grand mother when he was informed that his friends had been killed by the vigilante group.

On getting to the school, the deceased searched for the corpses of his friends without any result.

He decided to sit by the school gate, believing that he might see someone to make inquiries.

Some vigilante group, probably acting on information approached him and asked him who he was waiting for.

2green was said to have told them that he was waiting for his friends. The vigilante members later asked him to show them his house.

  A source identified as Queen, who revealed the incident said on getting to Akola’s house,  the vigilante members discovered a charm inside his room.

Akola claimed he was only using it for protection..

Reports suggest he suddenly disappeared from their midst and the vigilante group also went after him (in spirit) and they all reappeared at the same spot.

The source added that the vigilante group opened fire on him but the bullets could not penetrate and they resorted to stones, which eventually killed him.

His body was abandoned in a pool of his own blood.