Woman gets shocked, as daughter dates ex-Husband

Ex-husband to a mother of one got her shocked when she discovered that he was dating her 31-year-old daughter who also has a son.

The woman whose identity remain undisclosed shared on Mumsnet parenting website that when she got married to her ex-husband, her daughter was 11 years old and used to call him “dad.”

She wrote:

“He became her stepfather, DD [darling daughter] changed her name to have same surname as us and has called him dad for 20 years. (Not legally adopted)”

She included that her daughter has a son of her own who has long considered the ex-husband his grandfather.

The woman then sought advice from the online forum’s users as to what she should do, adding that she has been unable to speak to both her daughter and ex-husband.

Although, some wondered if the story was real and suggested that it was a little farfetched.

The woman’s ex-husband and daughter would be unable to legally get married because of their previous father-daughter relationship according to UK’s law.

One user wrote:

“It is wrong. They have had a father daughter relationship and now a romantic relationship.”