Best Ways To Wear A Jumpsuit

Women come in several shapes, colours and sizes and we sure are proud of it. Often times we make fashion mistakes instead of statements because we don’t know what to wear or even how to wear it. Jump suits have become a rave because they’re easy to wear among many other reasons. We’re here to rescue you. so here are some tips for your shapes and sizes. have a look;

a. Curvy “Shapey” Women

Curvy girls are often told that they do not suit jumpsuits but this is far from the case. Although there is need to make sure that they pick the appropriate jumpsuit for their shape. A lot of curvy girls tend to be bottom-heavy so it’s wise to pick a jumpsuit with a slim fitting upper body and a wide-leg pant. This gives your shape the right balance. but there are other things to consider;

     i. Fabric

Pay attention to the type of fabric you choose. If the material is clingy, it will either pull up or be saggy and highlight all your trouble areas such as tummy and the likes. High quality fabric will hold you in all the right places.

     ii. Prints

Believe it or not, selecting colours and prints is also key when it comes to plus-size jumpsuits. The trick is to go streamlined instead of wearing an overwhelming look. Monochromatic jumpsuits go excellently with the body of curvy women. Make sure you stick to rich, dark shades which will make your body look elongated therefore giving the illusion of a slimmer appearance.

     iii. Emphasise key areas

For curvy girls, it’s important that you highlight your best areas and with a  jumpsuit, that would be your waist. Make sure you get a jumpsuit that clinches right at the waist or a little above it. It emphasises the most narrow section of your body and gives you the perfect hourglass shape.Feel free to pop on a blazer or a shawl if you are not keen on showing your arms.

b. Busty

If you have large boobs, make sure the top of the jumpsuit gives you adequate support and lifts your breasts. Having the right neckline is extremely important so, if you are busty, that the neckline flatters it. If it’s too high, you run the risk of looking matronly, if it’s too low, well….






c. Slim

The main worry for petite girls is looking like they have been swallowed up by their outfit. If an outfit is too loose, you run the risk of it dwarfing you and you looking shapeless and dowdy. Make sure any style you choose is slim fitting and accentuates the lines of your body.


     i. Tapered or Wide?

A high waist can make a short woman look like she has longer legs. Opt for a tapered leg over a wide one instead of the extra volume so you do not get swallowed up. Also, a bold head-to-toe print can also be overwhelming on a smaller frame so best be avoided at all cost. If you do want to wear a wide-legged jumpsuit, make sure it has a fitted top to give you that balance and opt for a leg that hits you mid-calf or above to stop you looking like the outfit is wearing you.

     ii. Volume

A layered piece gives petite girls more volume and the illusion of a more filled out figure. A tie waist or a peplum style can also create the illusion of a curvier figure.