Many say that when it involves romance, Nigerian men are actively active. Apart from being burdened with getting the woman’s attention (either on social networks or real life situations), the man mostly carries the financial burden. Despite all these and more, the women still hold them in contrary account most times. No matter how romantic a Nigerian man is, it is still a tug of war to get them to the altar for marriage. What keeps an eligible, romantic Nigerian man from hitching the marriage ride? After talking and researching here are the reasons they come up with. Please do feel free to add yours as well;

  1. No wife materials

Most men believe that the average “marriage-material” Nigerian woman is either after the money and not love. In short, they are money conscious.

  1. They get sex freely without marriage than in time past

Apart from the existence of prostitutes, our beloved men say there are free sex available with no need to pay for. Compared to when ‘virginity’ for women was a pass for value to marriage, some men now feel a lot of women today have lost it when it comes to keeping themselves.

  1. Nigerian weddings are expensive

Coupled with the existence of the three forms of marriage being compulsory in Nigeria,-Religious, Traditional and Court, the cost of putting it all together is quite intimidating. Most times, it’s the men who are expected to shoulder the responsibility.

  1. Fear of Freedom

There is a common belief among some men that marriage puts an end to one’s freedom. Single men today are much more proud about not being dependent and being on their own. They fear marriage because they will become answerable for every action they take to their spouse. That is one big responsibility some men are not ready to take up.

  1. Trust issues

Most times, people fear commitment because of trust issues. Some men have been bruised in their past relationships and therefore they don’t want to put themselves out there.

  1. Bad Testimonies from Married couple

This a big issue among men. They get intimidated by marriage as a result of the testimonies they hear from those in marriage. Before getting into marriage talks, it is a common thing among men to ask their brothers, friends who are already married on how the institution is faring with them and the testimonies they get are most times discouraging, as such they fear their marriage will be a replica of the testimonies they have gathered.

  1. Cultural limitations

Nigeria is a country with a very large amount of diverse cultures and traditions.  And this diversity sometimes create challenges for men who are in search of women with similar culture. The good thing though is that those who endeavour to explore inter-cultural relationships get the opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of other customs.