This is How to Wash Your Makeup Brush; Find Out!

For most women and makeup artist, this is very necessary. Although a lot of women practice this, the issue isn’t necessarily washing but the correct ways to wash them. So here are some quick ways to do it right;




  • Run the brush under lukewarm water 

This way, the left over germs and residue left from the foundation, powder and etc. will not be have room to rest.




  • Use mild soaps

Do not for any reason opt for harsh detergents or soaps because some skins react to them. Instead, opt for mild shampoos, dish washing soaps etc. and gently rub on the brush it foams/lathers and continue this till the lather comes off clean. That’s how you know it’s clean.

  • Wash the brush gently

It is best to wash the brushes like you’re massaging your lover. Why? Some of these brushes are soft and any harsh pulling will cause it to come off or even alter the shape.

  • Use a clean towel to dry them

It is most advisable to use a clean towel to dry the brush. Lay the towel flat and then place the brush on top of it. Flip over when one side is dry.

Water must not enter the handle of the brush if not, it weaken the brush handle.