Ladies; Tips For To Know Your Ideal Man!

The idea of the ideal man is now a-days perceived as imaginary. Why? The world has become so accepting of almost anything. Especially in the area of character; as regards to relationships. Although, the odds are against the male gender compared to the female gender.  So, guys; here’s your pointers so we ladies can get to look your way;

Know your limits

We all like to have a nice time, but a nice time could quickly and easily turn into a bad time if we go overboard. So, watch your limits with alcohol, women, food and the like. No matter how good looking you are, nobody likes an ‘overdo-somebody’.

Stay classy

No matter what you do or where you find yourself, you should make sure that you are always presentable and well put together. You should wear deodorant and have a clean, healthy look that is decent. Looking good never hurt no one.

Don’t judge

The idea of shaming anyone for anything at all should be un-welcomed by any real man. Think about all the things that you have done in your life and you’d quickly realize that you are imperfect and in no place to judge.

Women aren’t objects!

By now, we should be past objectifying women and seeing them as just objects for sexual pleasure. Women are more than their looks, they have brains and they can do much more than you think.