Love Is In The Air: UNILAG Students Speak On Love And Valentines Day (Video)

As much as you may not want to think about it, love exists, even among young people; But it is not entirely wrong to note that young people may get love and the idea about it wrong.

As love is in the air and many are inclined to express their love in many ways this valentine’s day, Information Nigeria’s Michael Isaac and Amaka Odozi visited the University of Lagos to hear students speak about love to the best of their understanding.

UNILAG Students
University Of Lagos, Love Garden

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, two days away from Valentine’s Day, the journalists both arrived at the University of Lagos with one goal ⁠— to find the couples and ask them about their relationship and what love generally means to them.

At the University, there is a place called, ‘The Love Garden’ and just as the name suggests, that was our first point of reach, but on getting there, we were greeted with a rather opposite view of what a love garden should look like as students were seen reading rather than being in mood of love.

Speaking with Lawrence at the famous water front, love to him was a matter of availability and care. “If you love someone, you have to be available for them and care for them”, he said, clarifying that the lady with him is not his girlfriend.

Asked what was the greatest gift he has given his ‘lady’ who wasn’t with him, he said he had bought her a gown worth seven thousand naira.

It was fun speaking with him, but we needed to speak to couples. We found ‘Tobi and his girlfriend’ at the same Lagoon front, and oh, again, the lady was camera shy, it’s always the lady!

Tobi seemed excited to talk about his relationship but was awestruck as he couldn’t clearly explain what love meant to him.

Tobi opined that when you love someone, you have to tell them every day and at any point you get, adding that the greatest gift one can offer their partner is their time and energy.

For Flourish and Choice, love means care and companionship. Choice pointed out that the most valuable item a person can give to one they care about is love. Flourish agreed as someone from the background pointed out that she was currently fighting with her boyfriend. Well, I hope they fix their issues.

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Speaking with Abraham, he shared that he has been dating a lady for three years now, as the love in his eyes could clearly be seen.

For all four friends, love meant to care, availability, and companionship and you can clearly hear them express their feelings in their words.

Love among younger generations is a thing and believe me when I say that as a society, the more we create room for conversations that teach young people how to handle love and relationship issues, the better it will be for us generally for a better society.

Video below: