Reactions as a Young lady gets married to white man

The photos of a Nigerian woman who married a white man has gone viral and sparked reactions online.

In a world where race, tribe and tongue are basis of bias, this wedding seem to cut through every barrier of colour and every prejudice of a nation. The pictures below tell the best what is there to be told of this beautiful union.

More photos below:

Well, What caught everyone’s attention was the facial looks of the young ladies white husband.

Many people argued that it couldn’t have been love that attracted her to him.

Someone said “The hustle is real”.

“If Nigeria don tire you, you would do all it takes for a green card” someone said.

This Italian man don old na. As young as she is”. Another person said

Another person said “Edo girls would marry even cockroaches as long as it lives abroad”

This is just one of the many ways Nigerians expressed their displeasure with the white mans look.

More reactions below:

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