5 Filming and Production Tips for Marketing Videos

Just as with new mobile consumer technology, there is a rapidly increasing need for tools, tips, and techniques when it comes to creating professional videos for marketing purposes. But in many cases, this new wave of innovation comes with unsolved problems and incredible learning curves. The answer may be in the next generation of video filming and production equipment.

If you have been following the filming and production industry trends, you must have noticed something interesting. Most companies are rolling out first-class products that go above and beyond industry standards. These are some of the forces behind the exponential growth in the video marketing industry. Video producers such as Spiel recommend the following tips to film and produce high-quality videos.

1. Create an accurate video script

Excellent marketing videos are a result of proper planning and preparation. Before you start getting your recording equipment ready, it’s important to create a storyboard and an accurate shooting script. Your storyboard will help you figure out the specific shots you need before you begin filming. On the other hand, your shooting script will be like a screenplay for your marketing video. Keep in mind that the more time you spend preparing your videos, the less likely you will make mistakes.

2. Be original

The main concept for your video project must be creative and original. Do not take the easy route and copy another person’s idea. Instead, get to know your target audience, perform keyword research, conduct personal research, and find out the specific types of video content that are successful and popular in your industry. Be sure to double-check just to make sure that another brand has not produced a similar video.

3. Don’t ignore the sound quality

Now that you have planned out your videos and created the storyboard or video script, it is time to film and produce your videos. You can touch up the footage as you edit afterward, but keep in mind that editing takes time. One of the essential aspects you should pay attention to is the sound quality of your videos.

Do not come off as an amateur video producer with the poor sound recording quality. When shooting your videos use high-quality cameras and microphones. If you choose to film the video clips using your smartphone camera, be sure to buy microphones that can fit into your phone’s headphone input to quickly improve the overall sound quality.

4. Set up lights properly

The last thing you want is your footage to be overexposed or underexposed. This is the main reason you should ensure proper light setup and eliminate all unwanted shadows. It is recommended to use a three-point lighting setup to ensure the objects to be included in the videos are well illuminated from different angles.

5. Adhere to the rule of thirds

In addition to ensuring proper lighting and camera focus, there are other things you can observe to ensure your videos are of high quality. The rule of thirds requires you to split up your video shot into thirds, vertically and horizontally, and frame your subject off-centre. This will create movement and life in your video shot the way a straight-on centred video shot wouldn’t.

Generally, setting up lights, ensuring excellent camera focus, and adhering to the rule of that are complex concepts in the videography industry. Most people find it hard to set up lights properly or ensure proper camera focus. This is why it is recommended to work with an expert in video filming and production, particularly if you don’t have experience in this field.

Video editing 

Make sure your video content is remarkable and tailored to meet your target audience’s needs. Edit these videos using InVideo so that they get straight to the point and don’t drag on. Keep in mind that you do not have long to capture or hold your viewers’ attention, and that means you must ensure that your videos are informative, engaging, and relevant to the target viewers.

Generally, the structure, tone, and pace of your videos have a significant influence on the effectiveness and overall emotional impact on your target audience. Tell a story that can be compelling to you and focus on building tension and drama by arranging your video shots according to your script and a storyboard.

Use high-quality background soundtracks to cover any ambient sound and offer tone or emotion to your videos that images and words otherwise cannot. You can find search soundtracks from various royalty-free stock soundtracks.

Lastly, optimize your video text. It’s essential to keep the style of your text and titles classy, short, and straightforward. Choose your font size and type wisely and use the right keywords to optimize your video on the platform. Whether you plan to upload your videos on YouTube or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, it’s important to ensure that the video description is perfectly optimized.

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