Nigeria Bleeding Into Coma Under Buhari: Dalung

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES GLO CAF AWARD 3. President Muhammadu Buhari (M) falnked by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung ( left) and Permanent Secretary, Mr Chinyeaka Ohaa ( right) as President Buhari receives GLO CAF Platinum Award for Good Leadership at the State House in Abuja. PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE. JAN 11 2016.
A former appointee of President Muhammadu Buhari has cried out over the state of insecurity in the country.
Former Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, says Nigeria is bleeding into a coma.
Dalung, in a post on his verified Facebook page, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to act swiftly to rescue his legacy from being banished into a trash bin.
He added that Nigeria under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is deteriorating speedily into comatose.
Dalung, who served as a minister under Buhari from 2015 to 2019, said he would not “fear the voices of cowardice, religious bigots, ethnic chauvinists or urban gorillas who feed fat on the ignorance and gullibility of the people.”
He added, “I have observed some people insinuating that my opinions on the current state of insecurity in the nation are as a result of no more being in government but they failed to understand that in government, there are laid down procedures of communication with direct access to the President or whoever is concerned. So you may only check whether while in government I utilized such opportunities positively or not, of course, I did not betray my conscience. I was not silent whenever the occasion demanded advice against policies inconsistent with our contract with the Nigerian people as a member of the Federal Executive Council because I campaigned rigorously for the Change Mantra.
 “I have spoken against what in my considered opinion does not represent the integrity of leadership and sustained running battles with those whose motives contradict our intentions to effect change in governance, these and many more are things that are done behind the scene which I am not seeking the endorsement of any jaundice bigotry or sadistic mediocrity. How many people who served in government today speak against the dangerous trends confronting the nation? Should I fear the voices of cowardice, religious bigots, ethnic chauvinists or urban gorillas who feed fat on the ignorance and gullibility of the people? I am guided by conscience, I can’t sleep with my two eyes closed while lives are being reduced to statistics particularly in the North and other parts of the country and all you expect from me is dignified silence?
“That’s not Solomon Dalung, I am a personality that will say it to your face whether it pleases you or not, truth is eternal I am incompetent to sugar coat. My loyalty to President Mohammadu Buhari is supporting him to discharge the burden of trust Nigerian people reposed in him and not to be a praise singer. This was the covenant that brought us together, I pray I don’t betray him with the current temptations of trying to recruit me as a sycophant. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, Mr President, Nigeria is bleeding to coma.”