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Romanian citizenship

Romania is a beautiful and culturally rich country in the EU and the largest in the Balkans. Romania also has the second highest immigration rate, 86%+, from non-European Union nationalities. With assistance of immigration lawyers and registration with a company like Citizensl, your procedure of obtaining legal status in Romania can be simplified.   If you aspire to achieve a better lifestyle, become part of the thriving IT sector or specialist in the field that you have always dreamt about, and enjoy Romanian living conditions. Citizensl can help you reach it (reviews prove that).

Immigration Is Not That Easy

Although Romania welcomes many immigrants annually, the procedure of relocation is not so easy. However, with proper guidance and Citizensl’s expertise, your immigration procedure will be simple and rapid. Let us discuss the several benefits of holding a European documents.

Benefits of a European Passport

  • Enables access to visa-free travel to several countries worldwide and all EU nations;
  • Opportunity to occupy the leadership positions;
  • Access to the stable healthcare options and social benefits throughout Europe;
  • Enables you to purchase residential and commercial real estates across the EU;
  • You can benefit from high-quality education at European Union colleges, universities, and schools.

The experts can aid foreign citizens in acquiring Romanian citizenship. You will require several documents to register, and the lawyer of Citizensl will guide you thoroughly.

About Immigration Company

Citizensl is an immigration company that offers legal aid to acquire a European Union passport by repatriation process in Romania and several other EU nations, including Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia. has assisted hundreds of applicants in obtaining a European Union citizenship. The company helps its clients with all required documents in a hassle-free process while ensuring the constant availability of information and advice.

Company has over 12 years of experience, and has collected a lot of satisfied customer reviews now (everyone can find many positive reviews all over the Internet). We make the entire application and registration processes very straightforward. Their team will help you prepare the necessary documents to apply for legal status in EU by repatriation.

Romanian Passport by Repatriation

There are a few ways one can apply for an EU passport by repatriation: territorial affiliation, or by proving the applicant’s ethnicity.

Anyone who can prove their territorial affiliation is eligible to seek Romanian citizenship without the need to contribute a significant number of euros to the nation’s economy. These are the requirements:

  • Proof of territorial affiliation;
  • Pledge of allegiance to the nation;
  • No previous convictions. provides a stable basis for restoring your Romanian citizenship legally. The company follows the legislation of the European Union, and of Romania, works in accordance with the agreement, and with the power of attorney.

Steps of the procedure of registration of Romanian passport:

  1. Collecting the applicants’ documents, translating and notarizing them;
  2. Submitting customers’ papers to the Ministry of Justice;
  3. Taking the oath. It is the responsibility of the applicant, who should go to the authorized body of Romania to pass that procedure;
  4. Obtaining the citizenship certificate by the applicant and applying for registering the initial documents of the country.

The whole process can take about 6-12 months from the beginning. Reviews

Citizensl reviews show a real lawyers’ expertise: over a hundred satisfied immigrants praise the company for its quality, speed in preparing of the documents, and procedures conducting.

Professional team offers legal assistance to possess European citizenship under the guidance of competent and experienced professionals to expedite getting Romanian passport.

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Possessing Romanian citizenship allows one to utilize their rights and execute obligations imposed by the country’s laws and constitution.

New documents enable you to reside and work in any European Union member nation.  It also provides medical care, education, and real estate investment in any EU state, with the option to travel to over 170 countries sans a visa. has years of experience and has helped many individuals relocate to the EU by repatriation. The reviews from our clients speaks for itself, and the professional knowledge of our lawyers contributes to the success of every immigration process.

Wait no more and contact experts today to make your dreams come true and enjoy a superior standard of living.

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