10 Destinations Your Amex Card Can Get You To In 2023

The holiday season is upon us. And it is normal for Tavel to increase during this period. People want to experience a new location and different culture during their time off from work or school. There is a high percentage of people that know they want to travel but have no idea where they’d want to go precisely. As an Amex gift card holder, you’re sitting on millions of new experiences.

Amex gift cards are digital assets that can be used anywhere Amex is accepted as a means of payment. 

Amex travel released its annual list of must-see cities across the world in 2023. These cities have of course been visited by tourists and have come well recommended by loads of people. 

To make the experience even sweeter, AMEX travel created a 3-day itinerary for each city so people can feel and embrace their culture. This way you’re in the right country and at the hottest locations. 


Top 10 Travel destinations in 2023

1. Paris:

A city located in the heart of France. Frequently visited by the popular black American actress Issa Rae, described the city as impeccable. Her favorite things to do in France are making french macrons, scouring Avenue Montaigne, and going to the St. Ouen Flea Market. 

2. Istanbul: This is one of the biggest cities in Turkey. When in town, it is best to either visit the Grand Bazaar, Go to the famous Prince’s Islands or get nice local coffee.

3. Lisbon: One of Portugal’s finest cities. To properly enjoy Lisbon, it is advised to check out the beautiful National tile museum, Shop at the timeout market in Lisbon and also explore Castelo de S. Jorge. A hilltop castle. 

4. Copenhagen: Copenhagen is located in Denmark. In this city, you are presented with a lot of tourist attractions. Such as; a tour of the Christiansborg royal palace, The round tower, and the famous Copenhagen city hall. 

5. Montenegro:

Montenegro is a European country located in the southeastern part of Europe. It is known for its medieval and monumental buildings. In this country, you can go canyon ziplining, Horse riding tour, and also visit the famous Porto Montenegro.

6. Yakuve Island: To get to this island you have to go in a boat. When you read about islands you should already understand the chic, soothing and relaxing vibe you would get. At Yakuve island, you can go swimming in the clear waters, Hop in the jacuzzi and take enjoy a lovely view, and also eat loads of local dishes. 

7. Sydney: Forget everything you have heard about Australia. Not only is the country beautiful, but Sydney is also one of the finest cities in the world. Here, you need to visit a zoo because they have a wide selection and species of animals, go on a cruise, and take surf lessons at any of the local beaches. 

8. Woodstock: There are tons of tours to partake in at Woodstock. Such as the Cotswolds and Shakespeare tour, making fresh milk, and also brewing some local beer.

9. Florida Keys: Florida keys is a beautiful city located in the southeastern part of Florida. This place oozes vacation and relaxation. At Florida keys, you can get seafood at Angler and ales, visit John Pennekamp coral reef state park, and also have a nice evening walk at the American Shoal lighthouse.

10. Mexico City:

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. It is also the most populated city in North America. In Mexico, you can visit the Fridha Kahlo Museum, take a hot air balloon trip, or eat some lovely local Nachos. 

It is not news that the price of traveling has increased over the years and it is not as easy as before. However, with your AMEX gift card, you can offset the cost of your travel by a lot. So it makes travel more desirable and affordable. 

Where To Buy AMEX Gift Cards 

There are tons of places to get this digital asset. But the 3 major places are; 

  1. On the Website: The first place you should think of buying AMEX gift cards is on the official website. Here you can purchase as much as you like.
  1. Retail Stores: You can walk into physical retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, etc to purchase these digital assets.
  2. 3rd party websites: These are websites that buy big brand gift cards such as Amex in bulk, and sell in retail quantity. Although their prices are slightly higher, they come in handy when you live in a location Amex does not directly deliver to.

Travelling with the Amex gift card is fun. Sometimes too fun, and you forget to check your balance. It is very important to stay on top of it to avoid any misunderstandings, and to know exactly how much you have to left for your next trip. 

What Else Can I Do With AMEX Gift Cards? 

Asides from redeeming this digital asset practically everywhere in the world, you can also sell Amex gift cards for cash. If you have a need for money, the Amex gift card serves as a perfect gateway to getting some real quick. 

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There is almost no situation where you would regret owing an Amex gift card. If you are not using it to offset the cost of touring the world, you are using it to make some big bucks. So with this digital asset, you are set.