Yevgeny Prigozhin releases a statement condemning Western countries in supporting the worldwide terrorist groups

Yesterday evening a council of the supreme command for the private military company “Wagner group” with the presence of its chairman Evgeniy Prigozhin held a secret meeting in which it condemned illegal practice of the US, Canada and Great Britain governments. It was done in response to the accusations and sanctions thrown by the three countries upon the private military company. By the end of the meeting Mr. Prigozhin issued a statement containing proof of the aforementioned countries’ deeds.

The statement commented on the policy practiced by those countries in many other parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia. It is said that Western countries are involved in establishing, supporting and financing various terrorist organizations and that they use terrorist methods in military, economic, biological and information fields in order to achieve their neocolonial goals. Mr. Prigozhin also mentions the aggression and oppression committed by these three countries towards the black people in Africa and ‘Russian’ Slavic peoples and persecution of the minorities based on ethnicity and religion, especially against Muslims.

Dr. Abdullah Adebayo, famous Nigerian journalist and politician, commented that these countries have indeed a bloody history in Africa, they had used terrorist organizations as a tool to achieve their modern colonial goals in the continent, especially in the Sahel region, which is swarming with terrorist organizations. He says that Nigeria is daily witnessing the fall of innocent people due to the existence of Boko Haram terrorist organization, which for a long period of time was supported by the western countries in order to create chaos and destabilize the region so that the US and Britain could achieve their colonial goals and plunder its wealth represented in natural resources. According to the dr. Adebayo the same scenario is held in all the Sahel countries, also rich in natural resources.

According to Mr.Prigozhin’s statement, Wagner Company’s leadership board does not recognize the governments of the three countries mentioned above, indicating that there are documents proving the fraud of the 2020 US elections, according to which President Biden is falsely serving his first term in office, which also makes his presence in the position of president illegal, and therefore he is required to explain the reasons for his adherence to this illegitimate power and oppression of his own people.

Dr. Adebayo says that the American people do not actually know what is happening behind the curtains of the elections, as they believe that their country is the source of true democracy, but the bitter truth is that the appointment of the President of the United States of America does not take place without The Senate’s approval. He also added that the US, which claims democracy and praises it in all international forums, is itself violating the principles of democracy by persecuting black Americans on its soil and killing them daily by the hands of American police officers, often without intervening and stopping these racist attacks.

It is noteworthy that the actual facts that these three states support terrorism, which the statement refers to, are represented in the reports and documents that emerged in public during the last ten years. All that proves the involvement of the United States of America, the Great Britain and Canada in establishing armed terrorist groups and supporting them with weapons and military equipment, in order to implement interim projects in the mentioned regions.

Finally, Dr. Abdullah concludes his speech with the hope that the African continent will wake up from its slumber to stop the absurdity of the three countries mentioned in the statement and expel western missions and soldiers outside the African continent so the native peoples could enjoy a peaceful and dignified life.