Jobs In Nigeria: Maersk Job vacancies

Maersk Container Inland Services – Nigeria Cluster is the largest Container Inland Service cluster in the Sub Saharan Africa Area. The Container Inland Services (CIS) Cluster encompasses three companies.

Maersk is now recruiting for a Security Supervisor – Maersk Container Inland Services (CIS).

The Security Supervisor would be overall responsible for:

* Supervising contract security guards to provide an efficient and professional security service to Maersk Container Inland Services (CIS) facilities, its staff and management.

Reports to: HSSE Manager

Key Responsibilities:

* Functions as a supervisor of Security Officers, Lead Officers and other company personnel assigned to one or more posts at CIS site(s): Acts to ensure that all orders are followed, that established rounds are completed, an that adequate reports are filed; notifies proper management and authorities in emergency situations.
* Coaches and disciplines personnel as appropriate; seeks advice from company management or designated representatives as appropriate: Meets personally with security vendors and documents coaching and disciplinary actions.
* Assist with the training of security guards; review post orders and make recommendation as needed.
* Ensure internal and external patrols, day and night are carried out to ensure safe and secure environment, record maintenance issues, potential breaches of security or unusual occurrences in day to day operations.
* Ensure that those who should not be granted access to the depots are professionally and politely prevented from gaining access or escorted from the premises.
* Prepare files and submit various reports as required.
* Inspect posts as scheduled and meets with guards to outline tasks and responsibilities.
* Meet with the CIS Managers to provide regular update on all security requirements and provide quality customer service.
* Ensure and regularly check that building exit doors are kept free of obstructions that could impede emergency evacuation.
* Monitor and respond immediately to alarm systems activations to check designated areas of concern. Ensure that the CCTV system is professionally, effectively and sensitively monitored in compliance with CIS agreed standards.
* Ensure the effective control and maintenance of keys and security equipment including radios and patrol vehicles.
* Support and comply with CIS’s Fire, Health and Safety and Security policies and procedures.
* Undertake first aid training and provide first aid services to staff, visitors or patrons as required.
* Deal with any suspicious packages, maintaining own and others safety and dealing with these in accordance with company policies.
* Undertake any other duties as may reasonably be required by the HSSE Manager or CIS Management.

Training/Special Skills Required:

* Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
* Two years of prior security supervisory experience.
* Excellent inter-personal skills
* Ability to maintain a sense of calm and control in difficult situations, minimizing panic in others.
* Strong verbal and written communication skills.
* A good knowledge and appreciation of current security environments, the potential risks and threats and actions to mitigate these.
* Current first aid certificate from a recognized institution.
* Capable of using MS Office packages (Word, Excel, Outlook) and generally IT literate.
* Ability to work in a challenging work environment.
* Conflict resolution skills.
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