How to organize your wedding on a budget of 100k or less

Dear all,
As a fellow nigerian, it’s my job to share with you, very important life changing information that can save your pocket over and over again. Today I’m going to show you how to organize a wedding on a budget of 100k or less. I got this idea from on a wedding I myself attended late last year between a guy (let’s call him kaftan groom) and a girl (let’s call her wedding gown bride). The Steps are pretty simple so pls take out your jotters and start jotting or you can just save this page.

STEP ONE: Print no souvenirs, after all half of them will get misused and the other half are thrown away or make a distant relative make some for you (FREE of charge, after all it’s your wedding).

STEP TWO: Invite only family and close friends. (way you can just send them text messages informing them of the wedding instead of printing wedding cards).

STEP THREE: Use the cars in the family for all transportation (most likely they’ll already be fueled).

STEP FOUR: Do it on a Sunday

STEP FIVE: Do it during service time. (this way you don’t have to worry about church décor, or people attending the wedding after all your entire spiritual family are present, plus a free band).

STEP SIX: Cancel the reception, yep if there is no reception then there’s no need to feed all the freeloaders who’ll come just for the food (you and wedding gown bride can have your dance before you show her the theatre of dreams that night).

STEP SEVEN: And as a bonus if they really love you in your church, they’ll do you a church offering right after the wedding.

STEP EIGHT: If you’re really as hard as kaftan groom and wedding gown bride (in the picture for this article), wear a golden kaftan and have your bride wear a white wedding gown (if you have the balls, I DARE YOU).

As a final note, a wedding is suppose to be a vow (life long commitment) of one guy to a girl he loves and vice versa. Not a fashion show or award nite or carnival … so the most important thing in the end is that a family is born and it lasts to the end (of course you have to have God’s approval). So seriously if you can try this out, I guarantee you’ll be richer after your wedding than before it or you can just invite Dangote as Father of the Day and have a grand reception (either way you’ll laugh to the bank, trust me ).

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