The Faceless Enemy

” My love for Nigeria has been a compelling impetus charting the course of my life”- Eneche Akogwu (1980 -2012)

Channels tv news agent who died in the kano bomb blast on 20th January, 2012 on his Facebook page.

Hours ago, agents of destruction and chaos took the lives of so many by a coordinated series of bomb attacks which rocked kano,the second largest city in Nigeria. At last count, 20 bodies have been recovered,however some unconfirmed reports claim to have counted about 60 bodies.


It is a shame that we cannot curb this menace taking over our society as our security chiefs and their respective agencies seem clueless in this fight against a faceless enemy. Obviously,the President and his security advisers cannot solve this problem alone, they need our help. We cannot over emphasize the importance of coperating and aiding security agencies in combating this evil.


However when we hear stories about terror suspects escaping from the police,it breaks our heart that their incompetence stinks to the high heavens. If only we had not been mismanaging funds meant for security over the years, we would be well equiped to investigate and nip this evil in the bud.


Who however do we blame for the loss of lives, the psychopaths who triggered the bombs or the officer who could not do his job? The voice of Eneche and the other souls who died yesterday cry out to us in anguish. Would their deaths be in vain and are we truly headed towards disentegration? Moreover what does the future hold?.

These questions i cannot answer as i go down on my knees in prayer for my great country, Nigeria.

By Adedunmade Onibokun Esq.