Failed Generations

Parents you have failed us. Even if you stood for nothing in your days, would you pass the same cowardice to us? Your generation is still in political power long after all your children’s children’s generations are grown up. In the 50’s you were aspiring individuals, in the 80’s you became parents with passion and a future, today, all you are concerned with are your children and grand-children.


Ha! I laugh at the lives you are protecting, the life of your next generations. What have you laid down for them? Why won’t you be surprised when our slogan for public office is ‘if and when I get there I will also steal my share of government money’? That is what you have taught us, by not living by example, challenging and demonstrating, we have been taught by the corruption that we see.


An adage says ‘if you do not train your child, the streets will.’ Can you tell any of us today that hard work brings it rewards or that there is dignity in labor? Laborers end up as losers sitting on the side lines. You have sat on side lines for all these years and yet you really don’t see the need to fight or support what we are fighting for?


With shouts of tension and unrest in the streets you call your children inside and say there is danger out there. Whose children will then go out to fight for fairness and equality against corruption and usurped power?


Today, fellow youths are scared over their future, and cussing politicians who embezzle money they can’t finish in a 100 years to come. Instead, I’m turning my attention to my parents and saying, why have you betrayed me?


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture