How To Keep Your Man

When a lady finds gold, she does everything to keep and take care of it. More so, when a lady finds her man is much sought amongst other females, she latches on and never let’s go because she’s found the reason she’s waited this long.


Forget about cooking, respect, support, and care, or what he likes, his favorite food, color or what he doesn’t like. These are ‘ways ladies maintain relationships.’ The issue is this: ‘what I got is mine, but everybody likes what I’ve got, so I’ve got to do what it takes to keep my man.’


Every lady is endowed in physique, possessing the 3 attributes that mark her gait and decorum.


You mark your territory, and let others know to keep their distance; dot around him, be about him, stroke his head, pick on his shirt, in subtle ways you’re saying, ‘this right here is taken…back off.’ You know how it’s done ladies; you don’t talk brashly but understand that respect begets respect. He is a lady’s man he has the finesse and quality to treat you right.


These are ways he’d consciously or subconsciously compare every other lady to you and also, brag amongst his buddies. With his boys or his epitome of feminity he’s realized that above and beside you there’s none equivalent and surpassing.

Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture