Chinese Prostitutes Imported Into Nigeria

As much as cheap China gadgets have been made available to Nigerians, expensive teenage girls too have also been imported to satisfy the need shameful needs of big time spenders in the country. Sources have it that there is a Lagos home where Nigerian leaders, expatriates pay $1,000 for a round of sex with teenage Chinese girls.
The argument is why should our big time politicians engage themselves in such shameful act-using taxpayers money to sleep with imported teenage girls. They have from the onset made the prostitution business appealing to young Nigerian girls who are meant to have been engaged in life-changing projects and constructive deals. Taking up Chinese Teenage girls is not only immoral, but has brought a new dimension to the age long prostitution business.



  1. I believe this is one of the major dividents of this administration’s democracy. An ordinary common man cannot import or even come near these high class prostitudes, but instead, the people he elected will do that for him using tax payers’ money. This is one of the most unfortunate situations we are finding ourselves in this country.

  2. shame on our leader, despite the poverty that is all over Nigeria which is as a result of bad leader ship and incentives that need to be utilize within the follow
    Nigeria are been hijacked and use the advantage of been you as representative either at state or federal level to pay for a single sex with foreigner,
    Actually the present situation we found our self i.e (life is difficult to sustain ) is what established radical groups and terrorism in our country and if u there think it never affect any of your family very soon it will start cuz it has reach a state of any one is on his on i.e no security

  3. this site is only good at copying and pasting and then posting articles and news reports of other media houses. When ur reporters have to give us first hand information, ur reporting is always shallow and bereft of idea. All u have r just catchy headlines. Learn investigative journalism with some details. Pls enough with this rubbish

  4. u dont ever get to report rumour as news. Thats the reason great journalist would go the lenght of the earth to get evidence and the little details needed for professional journalism.

  5. this is shame to both countries, most especially PDP home Nigeria, they ar only engage in unscripolous activities meant to destroy the country instead of development programmes.

  6. This demonstrates fully the type of country we live in. A country where the average citizen lives below the poverty line, is the same country where people pay huge sums just to fornicate. How are things gonig to get better when those at the helm of affairs (they are not responsible enough to be termed “leaders”) would rather satisfy their satanic desires than fulfill that fo r which they where elected. And am sure this disgraceful calibre includes the contractors who would rather embezzle funds that deliver the services they were contracted for. Mscheeew!

  7. Did I read some people’s posts that that this is fake? Certainly, those who say so are either the politicians themselves’s their relations or friends. DONT MISLEAD OTHERS. Love or loathe this website, this is true beyond every reasonable doubt.

  8. Those who call this a fake news must be one of the so call cabal politicians ,who engaged in the act, but is in the front page in the national paper. What of Nigerian young girls who serve the so call politicians and cabals as waitress and dress complete naked in their inner carcus meeting and their night party?. Na today they keep lavishing you and me money?

  9. This is so foolish of these our elites. How can someone pay $1000 for one round of sex while 75% of the total populace live below $1 per day. I think this is the time to lay curses on these political and quasi-democratic tyrants to there 10th generation that they pile trillions of our money for. As for the chinese whores it is better for them to return to china before we lose our temper against them. They are not content with our money that were laundered into their banks now they want to take it before our eyes.

  10. waaaat dis arant nonsence na so dere dick dey cratch dem for foriegh yarch wen dey cnot control na God go purnish dem frm grave to grace dem dey do sex laundry abiiiiiiii…..!

  11. This goes to show the extent to which we idolize white sorry people with yellow skins. While our embezzlers are busy shelling out $1000 for a single round of sex with cheap chinese sluts in Nigeria…, these same Chinese whores beg to be f**ked at an equivalent of N1,500 for a whole night overseas. SMH


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