Why Eagles are not yet perfect, Keshi explains

Super Eagles head coach Stephen Keshi reviewed the match against Rwanda and stated that the team building process continues.

Nigeria defeated Rwanda 2-0 in last Saturday’s Nations Cup qualifier.

Keshi says that the team does not play as well as they do in training due to pressure from the crowd. He added that he will invite few more players “and see how we will continue to blend”.

Keshi explained to a newsman in Calabar that by playing more matches the players will display better organisation and discipline in match execution.

The Eagles head coach showed his interviewer his football book on tactics and highlighted why the team had not mastered his tactics.

”It will not be wise to make many changes at a time. We are going on break now but we will continue the search for good players and more players at home and abroad will be given chances. The boys we have now will also get better with time.

“I know what I see in training and what they do in match situations and I know that pressure affects them. If we had a tough and big league with thousands of fans watching games this problem will not be there. They would get used to big occasions and play their normal game in match situations.

“I have been talking to them to take matches as if they are the same game they play in training and note that the only difference is the jerseys that they are wearing. The moment they get that feeling right and forget about the crowd you will see a much improved side. There will be a time good crowd will inspire rather than overwhelm them.”