Bishop Oyedepo Wins 2 Billion Naira Suit For Slapping Church Member

Justice Ojo of the Ogun State High Court sitting in Ota has struck out the N2billion suit slammed on the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, for slapping a young lady during a church service in 2009.

Robert Igbinedion, a Lagos based lawyer who filed the suit on behalf of the young lady, had asked the court to award N2billion as ‘general and exemplary damages’ against the flamboyant pastor among other reliefs.

But delivering judgment Thursday morning, Justice Ojo struck out the case, saying the application lacked merit on many grounds. He awarded a N20,000 cost against the applicant.

He said the girl, who was allegedly slapped, remained a ghost victim and that the applicant failed to prove that he attended the service where the girl was allegedly slapped and .

Mr. Oyedepo was named the richest pastor in Nigeria last year by Forbes magazine with an estimated worth of over N20billion.

During the hearing of the case, Dele Adesina, counsel to Bishop Oyedepo, had complained to the court that they did not have a photograph and the video where the Bishop slapped the young lady.

Mr. Adesina had argued that there was nothing to show that the young lady who was slapped in the video – who had been dubbed ‘Miss Justice’ in the course of the suit – is a living person.

“There is nothing to show in the application that ‘Miss Justice’ is a living and existing person entitled to claim under the provisions of the 1999 Constitution,” Mr. Adesina said.

“We humbly submit that ‘Miss Justice’ is a fictitious person, not capable of being represented in court.

“For the applicant to establish that he is suing on behalf of another person, that person must be determinable and identifiable,” he added.

On his part, Mr. Igbinedion asked the court to grant him all his reliefs since the respondents, in denying that the young lady was slapped, had failed to help the court arrive at justice.

“The respondents rather chose to lay their defence on all imaginable legal technicalities without attacking or denying the several damaging allegations,” said Mr. Igbinedion


  1. Hahahahah….I don laff tire! Money power don show, all these wayo sef, na who no sabi say the pastor and him agent don threaten the woman and use money cover the judge mouth?? This na Naija we sabi wetin don happen for back yard, as for you young lady wetin make you think say you fit carry Naija’s richest pastor go court? No worry God no go forget you and in due time God will deliver the justice you deserve. If you are innocent God knows, if you de lie God knows, if the pastor slap you true true God knows, if the pastor no slap you God knows….justice is for God

  2. Since when has what happens in church service become an actionable offence in this country? I’m aware the girl was not the one that actually demanded justice in the manner Mr Igbinedion was going about it so, it is obvious that the lawyer was only seeking for an avenue to enrich himself. It is understandable, hen, Barrister, I can now see the austerity is now getting to even lawyers. Bishop might have erred in your own opinion but this was not a legal matter rather, it is strictly religious – and if you like, spiritual.

    • So why was Reverend King sentenced to death for killing a member of his church? The Nigerian legal system protects you from everybody whether pastor or priest. The fact that you own a church does not put you above the law. It is unfortunate that the religious leaders are not living lives that bring people to Christ for genuine repentance. The churches now attract thrill seekers, people looking for prosperity and miraculous wealth.

  3. Ogboju, you are an idiot, an uneducated fool and a sample of the reason the world is such a sad sad place.
    So in your estimation, spiritual laws, take precedence over another human being’s basic human right. No man, even those purported to be led by GOD, has a right to assault another without justification. Even the good lord never struck another person in anger or so called salvation.
    Even only we could see the end from here, so many so called men of GOD have a special place in the river of fire and brimstone.

  4. You people just talk from your own selfish perspectives,infact even if it truly happened,was she forced to the church, and she began to say what was against the believe of a place she went voluntarily,place watch what you say and get true information before you make any judgement. This is just a simple case for knowledgeable person

  5. Joe,Jane..JJC.Igbinedion,wayo lawyer.2billion for a slap that didn’t injure nor pose any treat to a Miss Justice that walked willfully to d church and never showed up nor complain ed..Mind yr comments & stop being the judge.

  6. @jirex your nyash no get hole, oya come make I sample u slap for that your wowo face, you be fool! Bcos u manage browse wit MTN WAP you de tok nonsense abeg go sell your meat for market this place no b for touts lik u. See him head lik prick

  7. Remenber peeps “Heaven & earth will pass away but my word will not” & d word say “By ur mouth u shall be condemned and by ur mouth u shal be justified.” 4 not wat goes into d mouth defile a man,but wat comes out of d mouth,defiles a man.” so be careful of wat u say.

  8. I can’t stop wondering and flipping the pages of my Bible even back to the Old Testament to see where it was written the He (Jesus) that will come in the New Testament will be coming to slap the witches or the Devil..
    These are hypocrites that go around committing evil and wickedness in the name of GOD!
    For those half brains who support these senseless abuses (Out of poverty of course), Jesus came to give life and life in abundance.. Not to slap people that are in trouble!!! Jesus casts out Demons not slapping the poor possessed.
    Jesus was never an arrogant man that will condemn someone to hell.. it was insane listening to that man’s comment, even calling himself ‘Baba witch’, yet no one slapped him for that.
    Touch not my anointing did not say that the anointed should slap you! Abuse of power is everywhere in the in waste land of hopelessness!

  9. D fact is that Bishop slapped a lady which many of us have watched. D fact was also that the Lawyer does not know this lady but wanted to capitalize on it to enrich himself. If the Lady had known her right, I tell you she would have made fortune out of the case. Bishop and his members should not rejoice yet because the girl in question still stands a good chance. But she should not use lawyer Igbinedion. that name is irritating.

  10. No matter wat d lady must av done it doesn’t give room 4 her 2 b slaped.
    I can’t say if we humans take afta d likenes of God.
    Deliverance wasn’t done by brutality in d bible..
    Vengence is 4 God.
    God knws wo is sayin d truth