Lady: What A Gynecologist Did To me, I was a victim(True life story).

A few days ago, I sat in my sister’s living room with two of our cousins and we were talking. They are all married and have daughters, when suddenly my cousin told us a story about how a gynecologist had told her mom she was pregnant when she was 13 which was not true as she had never even thought of having Séx then. I wept inside of me and the other many victims in Africa.
About 10 years ago I was just 14 and was in a boarding school and constantly sick, but this time, I had vaginál iches, being the kind of child I was, I told my mom who decided to take me to a gynecologist. It was normal for me as I was constantly in and out the hospital so it was no big deal.
We got to the hospital and the gynecologist who was a man and apparently the best and most popular one amongst rich folks told me to undress and lay down, my mom was not in the room. The gynecologist literally used the big   vaginál speculum that is used on none virgins and his fingers. I was bleeding and he gave me pad and told me to get dressed. He told my mom I’d had an abortion and was hiding it that is why I am bleeding and I have the itches, he said it in front of me. I was so confused and terrified. My mom didn’t take him seriously. She called her Dr. in France who told her what to get for me at the pharmacy for itches. We went home. I didn’t tell my mom what I went through in here because I was still terrified.
 I finally had Séx  2years ago and I didn’t bleed, it was my first time. I don’t play with my private ever. I thought maybe all girls don’t bleed but apparently they all do.
I go for gynecology check-ups and I am in so much pain from the speculum. I stopped having sex because it is painful. People tell me I have had a bad sexual experience. Now I know what it was. From what I told the girls, they said the Dr disvirgined me as I’d not even started having periods before that and they’re all Rn’s out here.
Now mothers and daughters, please be careful with this so called Dr’s from abroad or this Dr’s in general. I will hate for my Daughter to go through what I went through. They will say anything and prescribe anything.
Mothers do not leave minor young girls with any gynecologist for any reason, they can’t be trusted at all. A lot of these people were nurses abroad and because of our system they pass as Dr’s in Africa and inflict traumatizing experiences upon us. There’s other ways to get tested for those things and coming from a boarding school being a virgin, the Dr should have known it was sugar sugar, common amongst girls in boarding schools.
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  1. Dat gynecologist is either a quack or totally unprofessional.dat’s ђã†̥ happens wen ppl patrnoize d wrong ppl.there r lots f impostors who wud pretend †☺ be doctors.I am a doctor,a young one for dat matter and I kno so many things were wrong wiv d story.nt dat she lied buh it is not allowed †☺ use a speculum on a virgin or any1 who claims †☺ be so.if U̶̲̥̅̊ must examine them,U̶̲̥̅̊ shud get a chaperon.I av examined young virgins before, and I av also seen a pregnant virgin as well.she probably patronized a health attendant,a med schl drop-out or 1 f these paramedicals who disguise as doctors.№ω doctors save lives,d real ones r very professional wiv their job.

  2. Sorry to hear about that,
    I also had an xperience, a lady walked into my consultant’s office apprehensive with her mother!
    She had 3/6 mnths of no menstrual flow.(Can’t really remember d xact mnth), an S.U kind of sister.

    We escused the mother and clerked her, she was also a virgin!
    But ultrasound scan result says “evacuate the uterus” meaning there is somethin in the uterus that needs to be evacuated!
    This confused us because as a virgin the uterus must be empty except she had a cancer of d uterus, but not withstanding we tried to keep up an open mind

    To cut d long story short, an examination was done
    The exmination entails physical examination: there U̶̲̥̅̊ part the labia and look out for the hymen in the vagina, if the hymen is intact, that ends the physical eamination unfortunately in dis case the hymen wasn’t there!

    That is not to say all virgins have intact hymen but we also need to understand that the ultrasound pointed to a uterine content!

    Eventually we realised she wasn’t a virgin and that she had an incomplete abortion!
    Am not here to negate your story cos d possiblity exist but am here to correct an impression which is no sane dr will first insert a cuscos’s speculum into a virgin ( the virgin will scream so much that the mother will come in)

    Balancing btw tellin mothers the truth and safeguardin the privacy of the patient is a great issue and only matured minds can handle!
    My advice is to be sure of your gynaecologist ( apparently this guy wldnt av been d best cos even a student will not insert a speculum into a vagina he/she isn’t sure is a virgin without first viewing physically first or laparoscopically!

  3. If is true, thatz not the reason you will open ur mouth and condemn other doctors. U can’t conclude based on wht one doctor did to u, ur hypothesis is very wrong and incorrect….:here in nigeria we have great qualified doctors…thatz my humble contribution, thank you

  4. Na wa oh? The truth of de hol mater is dat parnt shuld be very carful of any issue obout evry menbers of the family in dis kind of problem 2 knw th kind of doctor they wii have as a family doctor?I pray that the lord will see us via his grace we will be serve

  5. Only God knows weather u actually aborted and pretended to be a virgin or not. The gynecologist cannot be a quack because u addressed him as “the best and most popular.” Wat u could hav done to convince your mum that u were not pregnant was to request for pregnancy test immediately because the human chorionic hormone will still be present in your blood for few weeks after abortion. The Dr that prescribed drugs for ur vagina itch is the one u may call quack because he just believed wat ur mum told him instead of examining u further to know wat actually went wrong. The wrong impression u hav about nurses that they pretend to be doctors has be addressed also. Nursing is a unique profession on it own with sound knowledge and ethics. What make u think they are responsible for anything that goes wrong in the hospital? If a Dr does something wrong don’t shift the blame to nurses because they are not their apprentices. There are unique procedures for nurses in the hospital that doctors know little or nothing about and doctors hav their own as well. Nurses were not employed on finishing secondary school to be trained by doctors. The acquire there nursing knowledge in universities at bachelor, Master and doctorate degree level as doctors do. So don’t look down on nurses pls.

  6. Did u mean 2 say that Nurses r not good @ their wrk, when u said’ he could b a nurse abroad and passed 2 b adoctor in africa?’ Not even a student nurse will do that 2 a virgin that’s if really u’re saying nothing but d truth. As great n caring nurses r, it’s 2 mean of u 2 describe them d way u did as though they r not passing through d process of education.

  7. @Wale and Stephen… Tanx soo much for your comments, you guys seem to be the only ones with brains here… Just for starters, this story is sooo fake.. Y? Cos take a good look @d pix used,isn’t that a snapshot from the movie “Twilight”??? People! Wen u want to cook up stories pls b smart about it, you don’t just wake up one morning and post shit to get attention by using false feelns to tanish other people’s images out there, I believe lots of people out there come to this site to get vital info,so its actually not reasonable for someone. To say crap about doctors when the story is obviously not true! If it were true, how come I can’t see names?? Of either the doctors involved or the name of the hospital the incident took place?? That’s y I said be smart about the stupid false stories u cook up about people cos 1 day u too might just b d 1 a fslse story is bin told about… Then @ the “girl” that claims this happened to her, I wish it comes to pass cos you are just a stupid person… For you to have come up with such a story then that means you’ve already wished it happened to you, so don’t expect any sympathy when it happens to you! Then as for all you people that were soo quick to cast a stone @the “imaginary doctor”, well ignorance is really a disease, true! Cos I just don’t no how a doctor “that’s very good” @what he does would just decide to pick on this particular girl, not that he sexually harrassed her o! He just “disvirgined” her… Lmao… Please next time,give us sumtin worth our time please!! #peace!!

  8. Ace you the best, all what you’ve said are true, no names any character in the story, yet she tagged it real life story, no actaul name/addres of hospital yet she said the doctor was a popular gynae… That aside, my question 2 writer now is; she finally had sex 2 yrs afta dat event, was she married? If no then wats the point of teling us, after all the bottom line stil remains that you got disflowered willingly, nd sounds like she dont care, now u’re telling us doctors are like dis nd dat…. Do you knw wat it takes to become a nurse? How much more al doctor so plz try nd put up somtin good! #in peace#