More Photos Of Monkey-Like Baby Given Birth To By Mother Of 9 in Nigeria

Here are more photos from the strange occurrence in Otukpo where a mother of 9 gave birth to a still like baby that looks like a monkey.


The strange delivery, was gathered, came as a surprise to the already  of nine the who had successfully delivered nine children in the past and was having her 10th child before the strange creature visited her. According to an eyewitness, when the  broke out, residents of the town, especially those at the nearby Otukpo main market rushed to the  to see for themselves.

Describing the strange development as congenital malformation, Medical Director of the , Dr Stanley Bwala  the malformation could have been forestalled if the  was attending antenatal care regularly and advised pregnant women to always avail themselves to routine ante natal treatment.



  1. haba, this woman na baby producing machine. In this hard smbody is giving birth to 10 children of which I know she can’t carter for dm al financialy and tomorow they wil turn to criminals and prostitutes bcos of poverty. Parents pls born the ones u know u can train properly for own benefit.