Dear Don Jazzy, How Do You Follow 47k People? That’s Crazy!

Celebrities hardly follow people on twitter, but Mavin boss,Don Jazzy follows over 47,000 people. A celebrity with 1m followers may follow as low as 50 people. After all, did people not join twitter to stalk them?

Apart from following other celebrities, it takes a celebrity of great character to follow fans. Although, not following fans doesn’t mean you don’t have a great character also. Celebrities don’t follow fans because of the number. Except you are not really a celebrity, your TL will be a mess if you follow every of your fans. Have you ever been insulted because you asked a celebrity for a follow back? Yeah, that’s when it’s bad.

But following over 47,000 people as a celebrity, do you think it’s crazy like ‘daylor’ thinks?”@daylor34: @DONJAZZY how on earth do you follow 47k people? That’s crazy”

Don Jazzy’s reply was simple, “@DONJAZZY: u can try it too bro. e no hard. its fun sha”