Opinion: What Are Your Biggest Worries? As Fuel Price Hike Tops List Of Worries For Britons

What are your worries? Everyone of us has one worry or the other and they differ from one person to the other. In Nigeria, our greatest worry now should be insecurity, electricity, corruption among others which ultimately breed poverty.

Worry: Seventy Nine Per Cent of People Quizzed Said Rising Energy Prices & Rocketing Food Costs Were Their Biggest Concern

Among the Brits, their biggest worries are growing cost of food, fuel and energy and this is according to a new consumer watchdog report which came out today.

Fuel price hikes are top of the league of financial fears with 81 per cent of people saying the rocketing cost of filling up their car is their biggest concern.


1. Fuel prices 81%

2. Energy prices 79%

3. Food prices 75%

4. Future tax levels 67%

5. Public spending cuts 66%

6. Pension value 62%

7. Savings interest rates 61%

8. Me or partner losing job 52%

9. Mortgage rates 52%

10. Savings and investments 51%

Do you see any similarities in these top ten list of worries with yours? Lets compare notes.

Daily Mail


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