Man Shoots Masked Burglar In Neighbour’s Apartment, Turns Out To Be His Son

Connecticut state police said on Friday that a man responding to his sister’s call for help during an apparent burglary at her home next door, shot and killed a masked intruder who turned out to be his own teenage son.

15 year old Tyler Giuliano was wearing a ski mask and appeared to be armed when his father shot him on Thursday.

Lieutenant J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the Connecticut State Police said, Tyler’s aunt who lives next door had called his dad around 1a.m. to report someone trying to break into her home. The father went over to investigate and had to shoot the masked person that approached him as he was dressed entirely in black and was holding a shiny object.

“Believing the suspect was armed with a weapon and about to attack him, the father discharged his personal handgun at the suspect.

“(He) was lying on the ground in the driveway with obvious gunshot injuries, holding a weapon.”

Tyler Giuliano was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say they are investigating why the boy was outside his aunt’s home at that time of the day as he had no criminal record.

“We truly don’t know. We’ll look at the family dynamics, (his) school locker, cell phone, computer to figure out what’s going on.”

Lieutenant J. Paul Vance says background checks would have to be done on the father’s gun to verify its registration. The police spokesman also said the father’s identity wasn’t disclosed in the statement for reasons best known to the authorities.